Dragon Age Gets to Witch Hunting

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
The ending of Dragon Age: Origins was certainly an interesting one, depending on which ending you got during your playthrough. But regardless of which ending you got, one thing was never clarified: what happened to Morrigan.

But, before I begin to spoil the game, I'll get on with why I'm speaking of Morrigan again. See, Bioware announced the latest batch of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, entitled "Witch Hunt". It's named that because it'll have you tracking down Morrigan in an effort to find out what happened to her, and finally conclude the Origins storyline, so you can be ready for Dragon Age 2.

Set a year after the events of Origins, the adventure will take players on a journey alongside three new companions (one of which have been announced: Ariane) to finally find out what happened to Morrigan. The official site for the DLC (external link below) shows Morrigan in a new outfit, so that's something, right?

"Witch Hunt" hits the Marketplace this September 7th for 560 MSP. Here are some screenshots to satisfy your visual needs.

External image

External image
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