Far Cry 4 Delves Further into Kyrat

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
The world of Kyrat is an unpredictable place. Covering the mountains of the Himalayas, lush jungles and even the mythical universe of Shangri-Là, there are plenty of environmental hazards to add to the enemies and traps that you will have to avoid as you make your way through Far Cry 4. Ubisoft has made a trailer showing a quick glimpse into Kyrat so that players will know exactly what they are going to be facing. If you can't watch the trailer, take a look at the screenshots and artwork that Ubisoft has also kindly provided.

Kyrat. At first glance it's an exotic kingdom, full of wild animals and ruggedly beautiful landscapes -- a world begging to be explored. But the brutal civil war, under the impostor king Pagan Min, has divided the country and created chaos. You will need bows, knives, guns and explosives to survive the open world.
Kyrat Artwork

Kyrat Covoy Assault

Kyrat Elephant Vista

Kyrat Hunter Artwork

Kyrat Kukri Artwork

Kyrat Lake

Kyrat Mortar

Kyrat Radio Tower Artwork

Kyrat Rhinos

Kyrat Sniper

Kyrat Vista Artwork

Mountain climbers call the zone above 26,000ft "the death zone". Thin air is the least of the threats you'll face on the mountain and, if the enemies and wildlife weren't enough, the avalanches are fast enough to outrace you. At these deadly altitudes, your wingsuit might be your only chance of survival.
Himalayas Monastery Artwork

Kyrat Plane Crash Artwork

Kyrat Sherpa Artwork

Himalayas Sniper Merc

Himalayas Snowmobile

Himalayas Willis Artwork

In these uncertain times, look to our past for guidance. Transcend the depths of your own mind into the spiritual world of Shangri-Là. You will fight alongside a mythical tiger and confront the evil forces that once threatened this legendary realm. In this world, the rules of reality don't apply but the consequences are very real.
Shangri-La Beheader

Shangri-La Dog Artwork

Shangri-La Hunter

Shangri-La Injured Tiger Artwork

Shangri-La Mountain

Shangri-La Scorcher Artwork

Shangri-La Tiger Companion

Explore the world of Kyrat when Far Cry 4 is released worldwide on November 18th.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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