Shank Achievements Bugged

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
The very recently released Shank has hit a stumbling block which affect the availability of achievements and cinematic quality respectively. Whilst not a game breaker for everyone, most of us like our games to one hundred percent completable 'out of the box' so to speak, and we all enjoy a smooth frame rate.

The way the first achievement based problem occurs is related to whether or not you have downloaded and played the trial version of the game. If you have there's a chance that two achievements won't unlock for you as clarified on the games official website. However, if you've found yourself affected by this issue, don't panic!

We’ve already got a fix for this, so when it comes in, you’ll automatically get your achievements.
The second issue you may have come across in Shank is that of lagging or 'chugging' cinematics. The devs have been flooded with messages and complaints on message boards and such and have also responded to this with the following statement:

... it appears that older Xbox 360’s have slower disc access rates, so the opening cinematic chugs, and loading between levels takes longer — when we tested this on development kits, this never came up so that took us completely by surprise, and we’re looking into it.
More on the fixes as they appear!