Skylanders Trap Team Minis Join Collection

By Rebecca Smith,
Unless you live in North America, or you're a massive Skylanders fan who must own every figure that ever existed, you're unlikely to have heard of the Sidekicks. These figures are miniature versions of select Skylanders whose purpose was to follow the main characters and provide assistance in battles. All eight of these Sidekicks were only available through a promotion for Frito-Lay or GameStop. However, when Skylanders Trap Team is released, players around the world will be able to get their hands on 16 of these figures, now known as Minis, as they join the game's main cast of characters. Unlike the Sidekicks, the Minis will be playable characters that have their own abilities and they can trap villains just like their larger counterparts. Here are the 16 characters, eight of which may seem familiar:

Mini BarkleyBarkley

Mini BopBop

Mini BreezeBreeze

Mini DrobitDrobit

Mini Eye SmallEye Small

Mini Gill RuntGill Runt

Mini HijinxHijinx

Mini Mini JiniMini Jini

Mini Pet VacPet Vac

Mini Small FrySmall Fry

Mini SprySpry

Mini TerrabiteTerrabite

Mini ThumplingThumpling

Mini Trigger SnappyTrigger Snappy

Mini WeeruptorWeeruptor

Mini Whisper ElfWhisper Elf

At E3, publisher Activision took the opportunity to introduce some of the new Skylanders that would be coming to Trap Team. Gamescom may not be as big as E3, but it still isn't an opportunity to be passed up. We have introductions to three new characters, as well as a look at one of the Skylanders stalwarts.

Bushwhack - Life
Born to a race of tree elves who were protectors of the rich Arcadian Timberland, Bushwack was supposed to be a ranger. But being the smallest of his clan, he was sent deep into the woods by the Chieftain to study with Arbo, known for helping the Skylanders rebuild the Core of Light. The tree spirit looked beyond Bushwhack’s size, and seeing that he had the heart of a warrior, taught him many secrets. Arbo even gifted him with an enchanted axe. So when a legion of Lumberjack Trolls invaded the forest and overpowered the elves, it was Bushwhack who set out to stop them. Drawing out the trolls, he used his enchanted axe and knowledge of the forest to capture them and destroy their tree cutting machines. Afterward, Bushwhack not only was made a ranger, but a Skylander. As part of the Trap Team, he now uses his Traptanium axe to whack evil wherever it grows!
Bushwhack Figure


Gill Grunt - Water
Gill Grunt Figure

Gill Grunt

Head Rush - Earth
Head Rush was raised in a small village that had fallen under the spell of a powerful Harvest Sphinx, who forced the frightened villagers to plow the vast fields of golden grass for his own benefit. Although there were many villagers, no individual was brave enough to confront the Sphinx and put an end to its rule. But Head Rush believed there was a chance to fight back if she could somehow inspire her people to stand together. Charging through her village, Head Rush shouted a mighty yodel that woke the villagers from their spell! With the village behind her, she then led the charge to drive the Sphinx from the island for good. For her leadership and bravery, she was made part of the Trap Team, where she uses her giant Traptanium horns to take charge of evil!
Head Rush Figure

Head Rush

Kaboom - Fire
Kaboom hails from an ancient volcanic island known as Munitions Forge, where he and his people crafted machinery that was used all throughout Skylands. But the ruthless Captain Ironbeard wanted the forge for himself so he could build an unstoppable pirate armada. With a fleet of pirate ships approaching, Kaboom went to work, creating the greatest anti-pirate weapon ever forged – The Boom Cannon! When Ironbeard arrived with his invaders, Kaboom met them at the edge of the docks with his cannon lowered, still smoldering red hot from having just come out of the fire. One by one, he sank their ships until Captain Ironbeard finally retreated. Now as a valued member of the Trap Team, Kaboom uses his Red Hot Traptanium Cannon to blast evil in the broadsides!

As well as the new heroes, we get a first look at three of the new villains too:

Brawl & Chain - Water
A treacherous pirate with a chain instead of a hand... and a big hook blade attached to the chain!
Villain Brawl and Chain

Brawlrus - Tech
No other walrus can brawl like the Brawlrus... mostly because he uses cannons!

Masker Mind - Undead
An undead villain who is frequently out of his mind... and into yours!
Villain Masker Mind

Take the new Skylanders for a spin when the game is released on October 5th in North America and October 10th in Europe.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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