Xbox One Fitness Update

By Dread Reaver,
Microsoft is pleased to announce that it has added Russell Wilson (of Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback fame) and his new program "Athlete Fit" to the Xbox Fitness app on the Xbox One. This new exclusive program is currently available free of charge for Xbox Live Gold members, and is described as a "high intensity interval training program", with a focus on power, agility, strength, and speed improvement. Interval training essentially has a person endure multiple rounds of 20 to 40 second bursts of high-intensity drill-style exercises, with periods of lower intensity activity in between.

Russell Wilson

All up, there are two new workouts from Russell Wilson, which promise to include an excellent "team, expert coaching, and crowd-rocking, whistle-blowing music". The only requirement besides a Gold Live account is a functioning Kinect device for your console and enough space in your gaming room to actually move (oh, and maybe a doctor's approval if you haven't exercised in quite some time).

You can download the Xbox Fitness app directly on your console or from here. The catalogue of fitness programs, including the new "Athlete Fit" program, can be accessed inside the app.

We've got the full list of Xbox Fitness achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.