Halo: Reach 'Deliver Hope'

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Halo: Reach draws ever closer. It's the unreleased game which probably needs the least introduction. Nevertheless, Bungie have put out a new live action video aimed at working Halo fans up into a frenzy comparable to that of teenage girls at a Justin Bieber gig.

The latest offering titled, 'Deliver Hope' will be the very last video aimed at promoting the game due to go on sale September 14th worldwide so there's no risk of US gamers spoiling it for those of us over in Europe, Canada and Australia. The press release had the following to say about the production of the trailer:

“Deliver Hope” is the dramatic capstone to the series of live-action ads from acclaimed director Noam Murro (“Smart People”), who also directed the “Halo: Reach” “Birth of a Spartan” short and a collection of live-action vignettes housed at RememberReach.com. An extended version of “Deliver Hope” will debut exclusively on YouTube the week of 6th September.
Being as it's not yet September 6th, we'll have to settle for the version currently floating around the web which is embedded below.

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