Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats DLC

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Rockstar Games have announced a release date for the latest DLC for Red Dead Redemption, Liars and Cheats. Liars and Cheats will be released September 21st for 800 MSP.

The first DLC pack, Outlaws to the End, featured Co-op missions, the second DLC pack, Legends and Killers, was all about competitive multiplayer. Liars and Cheats focuses on enhancing your Free Roam experience by introducing the following:

- Multiplayer Poker and Liar's Dice mini-games
- The Explosive Rifle, with its own challenges
- 7 New Gang hideouts
- 4 new Hunting Grounds with the "most action packed hunting yet"
- Posse Scoring and Leaderboards
- 15 additional characters
- New Achievements
- A new Stronghold competitive mode

As for future DLC, Rockstar will eventually be releasing the Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack for free in the coming weeks. This DLC will include the Savvy Merchant and Expert Hunter outfits, as well as allowing everyone to see multiplayer outfits used by other players even if they have not purchased the required packs.

Finally, more information about the single player DLC coming this fall, the Undead Nightmare Pack. This pack will also release for 800 MSP and follows John Marston as he roams the frontier trying to cure the zombie plague. Included will be brand new weapons, mythical creatures and of course, zombie animals.

If they include a zombie squirrel, I am sold.
Credit for this story goes to heiwaboke