The Chariot is Filled with New Details

By Ashley Woodcock,
Developed by Frima Studios, Chariot was one of the 25 ID@Xbox titles announced back in March of this year. With some details covered previously as well as another set of screens and a trailer from E3, it's time for a decent chunk of new details for those interested in what will make Chariot stand out from the crowd.

Philippe Dion, the creative lead and programmer for Chariot, aims to change gamers' attitudes and approach to co-op play. Rather than players rushing forward too quickly, being too poorly skilled at the game to make enough progress, or hogging all the ammo, collectibles and other goodies etc., Phil is looking to change the concept of co-op in this new title and really make a co-op team work together, rather than indirectly against each other.

When you think about your own co-op experiences you can definitely relate to how Phil feels. Check out what Phil thinks will make Chariot "a distinctive co-op game" with his take on 'collaboration over cooperation':

In Chariot, the central focus of the gameplay relies in the chariot itself. You just can’t go without it. As such, having a buddy to move it around with you is very helpful. By coordinating the way you both use the ropes, you can pull off some great moves, and it will help you succeed.

Chariot PS4 Blog Screens 01

Since only the chariot can collect treasure, both players benefit from skillful maneuvers. Before leaving for adventure, each player can choose 1 unique gadget to equip, giving everyone a good opportunity to bring something unique to the team. These gadgets are both unique and available to everyone, so when you unlock and upgrade them, you really are doing it for the team.
Chariot will cater to gamers of all skill ranges, forming a "bridge between casual and hardcore gamers". There's nothing more annoying than carrying a weaker player in a co-op game. Death after death can seriously slow down the joys of gameplay, if not cause the game to be over again and again. Thankfully, Chariot will allow for the 'dead' player to spawn back in so long as their co-op buddy can safely stay alive for a short period of time.

The title will most definitely offer a tough challenge for those who want it, but is designed with the less-skilled players in mind so that they can still get by. The chariot itself can be used to save players from disastrous falls. Use the chariot's ropes to survive or even pull off an extreme jump with the aid of your partner. One player could focus on the jumping and swinging side of the levels while the other protects the loot inside the chariot from the creatures trying to steal it. Phil hopes that hardcore gamers will find it easy to play with casual gamers, and vice-versa:

With Chariot, I really wanted to enable a hardcore gamer like me to play together with a casual gamer, whether it’s their girlfriend, their husband, or their child.
Lastly, Phil has also released a single screenshot revealing a new environment that the team has been working on. Titled the "Crystal Chasm", no details were included with the image besides that it does promise to include a lot of features:

Chariot PS4 Blog Screens 2

Chariot remains set for an Xbox One release this fall.

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