Blacklight: Tango Down Patch

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
The hugely popular Blacklight: Tango Down has receieved an XBLA patch from UTVIgnition to correct a few issues in the game, and to add several new features into the game. Jared Gerritzen Lead Designer spoke about the way that fan feedback was factored into the development of the patch:

The entire team took fan feedback and critique to heart and constructed the update to specifically address their concerns. As one of the summer’s top XBLA downloads, we’re really happy with the way fans have been enjoying the game, and we’ll continue to make sure players are having the best online experience possible.
Nice to know that everyone's voice counts. So what has been altered exactly? The problem of spawn killing has been addressed by increasing the spawn invulnerability time which should make it harder for campers to harvest easy kills. Matchmaking times have also been optimised bringing gamers 'into the action faster than ever before'. These are the two key points in addition to 'dozens of additional fixes' aimed at giving a 'deeper' and 'more streamlined' experience.

As Marcus Beer, (PR Director) added to Gerritzen's statement:

By listening to player feedback and releasing this second free update, we are showing our commitment to gamers that we will continue to support and improve the game, which is not something that often happens with downloadable games.