Toy Soldiers: War Chest Preview

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
Ubisoft have published a preview trailer for the latest entry in the Toy Soldiers tower defense franchise, Toy Soldiers: War Chest. Like any good tower defense game, this title will see players building and upgrading their toy soldiers and emplacements to fend off encroaching waves of enemy troops and vehicles (which will be attacking from both ground and air).

However, the game will also allow the player to zoom in and take control of a particular unit to see the world through their eyes, essentially blending in elements of a first-person-shooter. Doing so will reward the player with boosted "killing power and gold rewards". In addition, the battlefield can be altered and deformed - for example, by destroying a main road to cut off an enemy advance. Catch all the action in the following video:

With the ability to assume direct control of a unit, players will want to become familiar with the types of units on offer. Individual troops can be controlled, as well as the turrets that can be placed around the battlefield. Now it has been revealed that players can also control a special "hero" character unique to each of the four factions that players can select (including the previously revealed German Empire and Star Power armies).

Before a match, your choice of faction determines which army and hero you control. Series mainstay Kaiser Wilhelm fights with tanks, turrets and other war machine; when called on the battlefield, his minigun mows through incoming enemy formations. Star Bright’s army comes as a parade of pixies, fairies, and laser-blasting teddy bears; in action, she opts for a glitter gun and heart bombs.
Toy Soldiers: War Chest is scheduled to be released on Xbox One sometime in early 2015.