Dead Rising 2 - Psychopathic Wedding

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
MSXBoxWorld has posted a new video up from Dead Rising 2. It features the return of the psychopathic boss fights, and they have not lost a beat at all.

This video shows, what is presumed to be, a cutscene from Dead Rising 2 introducing on the psychopaths that you will have to battle. It features a wedding where the bride and priest are held hostage by a costumed psychopath with a pig head covering his crotch. With the world coming to an end thanks to the inevitable (you know it is) zombie apocalypse, this person is hellbent on not dying a virgin.

However, Chuck shows up in the nick of time (in a way) to interrupt the ceremony.

Blue Castle Game has not not missed a beat.

Dead Rising 2 is out at the end of September.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero hits the XBLA next week. Give you a little taste of the zombie killing you crave so much.