September's Games With Gold Revealed

By Andy Mills,
It's nearing the end of August, so we'll remind you that you've only got a few days to pick up Dishonored and Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut before they return to their normal prices. Now with that out of the way, time to tell you what will be available in September.

For Xbox One, Crimson Dragon will still be available throughout the month, so you don't need to rush to download that right now. It will be joined on September 1st by Super T.I.M.E. Force (Xbox One), from Capybara Games.

As for the Xbox 360, for the first half of the month (from September 1 to September 15) heist game Monaco: What's Yours is Mine will be free to download. Then, on September 16th, it will be replaced by Halo: Reach until September 30th. A reminder that Halo: Reach does have DLC with achievements for those who are concerned.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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