Lords of the Fallen World and Soundtrack Detailed

By Keith Gray, 4 years ago
Lords of the Fallen is set to pit convicted villain Harkyn against the Lords as he battles to save humanity. Gamers will be able to help Harkyn in his difficult role as the developers try to blend complexity and accessibility to create a unique gameplay experience.

City Interactive Games is backing up the previous coverage by showcasing the gaming world that Harkyn will have to explore to overcome the Lords. The world is highlighted in the following video that also includes a voiceover which states "that there is no single end to your journey". This may be the best indication yet that Harkyn's adventure will be non-linear and have many story branches, in true RPG style. Futhermore, the video also puts award-winning composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen's atmospheric in-game soundtrack in the spotlight.

Lords of the Fallen is scheduled for release on Xbox One on October 28th in North America and October 31st in Europe.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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