Deal of the Week: August 30th, 2010

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Another themed week for the latest DotW, seeing offers on a handful of alien-related items on the Marketplace, including a price drop on three XBLA games! Exclusively for Xbox Live Gold members.

First, the fairly recently-released is down from 1200 to 800 MSP for the next week. gives the following description of the game:
In the land of Zenozoik, the city of Halstedom is ruled by a powerful clan, one which Ghat has betrayed by killing Father-Mother, the clan's leader. As Ghat, you'll have to face your brothers and sisters, insane anarchists and other enemies, in order to escape in this unique first-person puncher. The bare-knuckled brawl to reach the truth has just begun.
Download link:

Team 17's top-down shooter Alien Breed Episode 1: Evolution is down to just 400 MSP this week. gives the following description of the game:
Better get ready for some action! The 'breed' are back and must be stopped! Choose to go it alone or buddy up with a friend offline or online and take fight to the enemy in this fast-paced action horror set in a foreboding world of dread and terror. You will have to kick fear into touch if you are to fight your way through this myriad of challenges in order to complete this seat-of-the-pants adventure...Just remember to release the safety catch!
Download link:

The super hardcore Galaga Legions is also down to just 400 MSP. gives the following description of the game:
The original Galaga captivated players all over the world, and now... it's back! But this isn't just a boring remake! Featuring table-turning game dynamics, super-slick visuals and mind-blowingly vast waves of enemies, this is the definitive version! Prepare to be hit by the second stick of nostalgic dynamite for XBox 360 Live Arcade by the same team who brought you Pac-Man C. E.!
Download link:

And finally, the Swarm Map Pack for - containing four multiplayer maps - is down to 560 MSP. To preemptively answer the inevitable question someone posts: no, the map pack doesn't have any achievements.