World of Tanks Partying at PAX This Weekend

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Game developer,, are going to be charging into this year's PAX event in Seattle, like one of their tanks will be storming onto the battlefield this weekend in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. As many of you know, PAX is a massive gaming event. To celebrate, the team behind the title will be hosting an in-game PAX Party that will contain plenty of experience, bonus, and discount goodness for everyone to get in on.

WoT: PAX Screen

The tank drivers attending the party will reap plenty of rewards. Free Premium time will be available once players are logged in. Triple XP will also be on offer for player's first victories of the day, as well as "bonuses and discounts on mid-tier vehicles". If you are into customizing the look of your tank, then this weekend is a perfect time to enjoy the discounts on vehicle camouflage, inscriptions and insignias.

Here's all the details on the missions, bonuses and discounts:

Special Mission
Available Thursday, August 28 00:01 PDT to Monday, September 1 23:59 PDT!

Premium Bonus!

Log into World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.
Once per day

1 Day of Premium
Bonuses and Discounts

First Victory of the Day
x3 Experience Camouflage & Vehicle Aesthetics

Camouflage & Vehicle Aesthetics
25% Gold and Silver Discount

Regular Vehicles
Tier IV - V: 50% Silver Discount
Tier VI: 30% Silver Discount Income Bonus on Regular Vehicles

Income Bonus on Regular Vehicles
Tier IV - V: 50% Silver Boost
Tier VI: 30% Silver Boost

Please note that selling vehicles offered at a discount during the event period will only yield 50% of the reduced sale price as Silver.

Mission / Objective

Win five (5) battles.
Tier IV - VI vehicles only
Once per day



Mid Tier Battles II

Win ten (10) battles.
Tier IV - VI vehicles only
Once per day



Mid Tier Battles III

Win 25 battles.
Tier IV - VI vehicles only
Once per day


The "PAX Party Weekend" event in World of Tanks kicks of tonight at 00:01 PDT (07:01 UTC) and will end on Monday at 23:59 PDT (September 2nd, 06:59 UTC).
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