Guncraft Blocked and Loaded Revealed for XBLA

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
Independent developer Exato Game Studios has announced that they will be bringing Guncraft Blocked and Loaded to Xbox Live Arcade sometime in the future. Guncraft, which is currently available in beta on the PC Steam platform, is a voxel style first-person-shooter; essentially a competitive mash-up between Minecraft and Call of Duty.

The developers have released a short trailer that confirms the game will include two-player split screen action, a "rewarding" leveling system and over 4 billion character customization possibilities. It will also feature new levels designed exclusively for the Xbox edition, including "Lighthouse", "Poseidon", "Suburbia", and "Below":

Guncraft Blocked and Loaded has no known release date, but is promised to be "coming soon".