Monday Night Combat Patch On The Way

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Uber Entertainment have been monitoring and listening to player feedback regarding their XBLA title, Monday Night Combat, and have identified a host of bugs, glitches and exploits which will be patched up in the first title update that is currently being certified by Microsoft. Uber Entertainment say that the patch will be 'in our hands as soon as possible'.

So what aspects of the game are under scrutiny and subject to improvement? Well, put simply, there's a LOT of fixes being applied by this title update, and you can read the full list in the official forum post that Uber Entertainment have put out. Here are some of the key aspects:

Connectivity and Multiplayer:
Reworked the way we handle parties in the pregame lobby to avoid splitting them up.
Fixed several issues where host migration would fail immediately.
Decreased wait time after a successful host migration.
Lobbies will now host migrate and not kick you back to the main menu.
If the host leaves during the end of match sequence, the host will migrate and players will return back to the lobby and not the main menu.
Optimized the time it takes to migrate hosts, shortening the time to migrate.
Improved weapon hit detection in high lag situations.
Fixed endorsements being incorrect after a host migration.
Fixed getting into private matches without an invite

Monday Night Combat Live Update System:
Pregame Lobby is now 45 seconds.
Min Number of Players to start Crossfire is now 6.
Increased player bot spawing from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
As you can see, host migration is being introduced which will no doubt be a relief for most players, but the short list of points above is the tip of the iceberg. There's no mention of an estimated release date but it is said that if you are visiting PAX the updated version of Monday Night Combat will be available to play at their booth.

Moving on from Title Updates, also mentioned in the post by Uber Entertainment is future DLC plans. Three DLC packs are planned in total, the first pack of which will be free!

Beyond the Title Update, we will be releasing our first of three DLCs. The first DLC will contain new content, gameplay adjustments, and more bug fixes. What's exactly in the first DLC will be announced closer to its release. We're very invested in our community and want to see it thrive so the first DLC will be free.

So no news on content, or release date, but it's a freebie!