Minecraft Dated for Xbox One

By Chewie, 4 years ago
4J Studios has confirmed today that their port of massively popular brick-builder, Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, will be making its way onto consoles very soon. So soon, in fact, that it's actually in just a couple of days. Along with the release date news, we've also got some screens that demonstrate the features of the game, including the bigger sized worlds (36 times larger than 360), four-player local split screen (eight over Xbox LIVE) and the ability to transfer worlds and previously purchased content across to the One with no cost. Some content on display here includes Halo, Avengers and Skyrim.

03/09/14 - Screen 1

03/09/14 - Screen 7

03/09/14 - Screen 8

03/09/14 - Screen 9

03/09/14 - Screen 2

03/09/14 - Screen 3

03/09/14 - Screen 4

03/09/14 - Screen 5

03/09/14 - Screen 6

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be out this Friday, September 5th, for $19.99 or your region's equivalent. Owners of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition can upgrade to the new edition for $4.99 or your region's equivalent. The game will be available for digital download from that date, with a download code and physical disc version being available in stores later in the month.

Thanks to all the vigilant blockheads in the community who suggested this news to us!
Written by Chewie
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