NBA Live 15 Delayed

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
EA Sports has had a great degree of trouble in getting their NBA Live franchise re-launched. After years of dormancy, NBA LIVE 14 launched to lukewarm (or terrible, depending on your outlet) reviews. Now this year's offering, NBA LIVE 15, has been delayed three weeks to October 28th.


While this three week delay does give them more time to get the house in order, it also moves them away from the launch of 2K's successful NBA 2K franchise, which is set to release its yearly editions (for both the 360 and Xbox One) on October 7th.

In an update on the game's blog, EA says that the three weeks are to add polish and work on the game's balance.

Speaking of that balance and polish, the update also contained a glimpse of some gameplay and updates the team is making to this year's title. The first of these "work in progress" videos highlights how the developers have updated the animation for the "gather" (the moment where the player picks up the ball and begins his footwork into a shot or any type of jumping motion) and dribble-drive-layup/dunk. Rather than having these actions be separate animations (which was the case last year), they have been consolidated into one animation.

The next video shows off the game's improved ball handling system, which incorporates James Harden's signature move. You'll also notice the new rag-doll physics system in action at the end of the clip. This system aims to create realistic contact between players when they collide.

This final video puts an emphasis on off-the-ball movement and contextual awareness of teammates. Be sure to keep your eyes on Dion Waiters as he works to find space without the ball. EA has also said that they're improving the user's ability to play on-ball defense. In this clip you'll also notice how Waiters attempt to drive is cut off and he is forced to pass.

As mentioned at the top, NBA LIVE 15 is now slated for an October 28th release on the Xbox One.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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