EA Lays Out Post-Launch Plans for NHL 15

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
Yesterday, we brought you the news that the early, EA Access version of NHL 15 was missing more than a few game modes and features. As if called by the siren song of upset puckheads, Sean Ramjagsingh, producer of the series, has taken to the EA Forums to talk about the post-launch support that the title is set to receive in the coming weeks and months.

This September (no specific date was issued, unfortunately) will see the return of "Playoff Mode", which will allow players to create a custom, offline tournament with up to sixteen teams from any of the twelve leagues in the game. Games can be played or simulated and player stats can be tracked throughout the tournament.

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Also to be included in September updates, "Be A Pro - Coach Feedback", "3 Stars of the Game", and updates to the Hockey Ultimate Team, including changing the layout and navigation in HUT store, adding new animations for player items, and improving edit lines screen to better identify players that are injured or require contract extensions.

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October will see the return of the "Online Team Play" multiplayer mode, which will allow every player on the ice to be controlled by a player as well as the "GM Draft" which will put players on the clock as GMs in the NHL draft. In the draft, players will be given three minutes to make a draft pick, but can call timeouts to extend the time, make a pick, or negotiate a trade. The CPU will also propose trades to the other player and other CPU-controlled GMs throughout the draft.

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NHL 15 launches today in North America and on the 12th in Europe on both Xbox One and 360.
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