Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days DLC

By DavieMarshall, 9 years ago
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days hasn't been out for all that long really. Regardless, the first DLC packs are available now on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. There's two packs, one called 'Multiplayer Masks' and another called 'Doggie Bag'.

Let's deal with the masks DLC first. Multiplayer Masks priced at 160MSP adds new masks to the multiplayer element of the title. No surprises there then. There's eight new masks with a decidedly oriental theme. If you pre-ordered the game, these will be no good to you as you'll have these unlocked for you already.

Conceal your identity and avoid revenge attacks with 8 costume masks stolen from a Chinese gift shop, for all Multiplayer modes and Arcade mode. You never want to be identified, especially if you are a traitor! (Previously available through pre-order).
Now, onto the meatier of the two new DLC packs entitled, The Doggie Bag. Weighing in at 560MSP you'll get new maps, weapons, heists and achievements for your money. Here's the official run-down on the content:

Take on new heists and unlock new Achievement points with 2 never before seen Shanghai maps & 5 exclusive new weapons, all for Multiplayer & Arcade modes. New maps: Dockyard and High Rise provide more opprtunity to increase your wealth. Plus get the Radio Tower multiplayer map (available previously through pre-order offers). Arm yourself with 5 new weapons: DD 33, KL Viper, RTS, SMi 69, and the TOQ Model Four S.
A little more pre-order bonus duplication in there as you can see, but hopefully enough other content to interest those with some MSP to spend.

Lastly I should mention the Alliance Weapons Pack which will introduce the Doretta Silenced, TOQ SBR, Steele 870, Kaliningrad 47, PAC 10 silenced, N 77P Silenced and the TOQ Elite at 240MSP. This DLC is, at the time of writing this article, not yet available, but will be making an appearance very soon.

You can check these out at the external link below.

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Credit for this story goes to LGS I Hitman