RE Revelations 2 Brings the Details

By Michelle Balsan, 4 years ago
Earlier this month, when Capcom revealed that they were working on Resident Evil Revelations 2, they did a fine job of keeping the details scarce. Since then, we've only seen two screens from the game. Today, all of that changed as several details have now been confirmed.

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 11

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 6

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 3

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 1

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will star Claire Redfield as she conducts her work for the anti-bioterrorism organization, Terra Save. When Moira Burton, daughter of Barry Burton, is given a party on the advent of her joining Terra Save, unknown assailants crash the event. Moira and Claire are knocked out during these events, and later awaken at an abandoned detention facility, where they will face a new enemy, the Afflicted. Afflicted are smarter than your average zombie, as they can utilize basic weapons, meaning Claire and Moira's ability to survive will be tested to their extreme limits. The game will also feature "assistive co-op" that will utilize Claire and Moira's unique skills. One player can switch between the two characters, or play with a buddy in local co-op.




In addition to details about the story, Capcom also revealed that the game will be episodic, and will feature four episodes that are set to be released weekly. Each episode will cost $5.99 (or regional equivalent), or you can purchase "All 4 individual episodes plus additional game content" for $24.99. Those of you who prefer physical disc copies of games will be happy to know that a retail disc version, including all the content of the digital version plus further additional content, will be released following the release of the game's final episode for $39.99. Each episode promises to contain hours of gameplay.

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 10

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 9

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 8

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 7

RER2 9/10/14 Screen 5

At this time, there is still no release date for Resident Evil Revelations 2 beyond the vague Early 2015 release window. As we have more details on that, as well as the further game modes set to be revealed at a later date as promised by Capcom, we'll be sure to bring them to you.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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