Battlefield Hardline Receiving Hollywood Treatment

By Lexley Ford, 4 years ago
Since Battlefield Hardline was announced in July, the main focus has been on the title's multiplayer, however details on the game's single-player campaign have been far more scarce. Fortunately, Senior Producer Steve Anthony has recently spoken out about how Visceral are trying to move away from the high intensity, moment to moment action that the series is known for and produce an experience that wouldn’t feel out of place on television.

Battlefield Hardline’s development has been strongly influenced by television crime dramas, and the campaign will unfold in an episodic format with each episode featuring character development, intense dramatic moments and cliff-hanging endings. In order to bring the small screen charm to Battlefield Hardline, the title will feature the likeness and voices of actors such as The Shield and Sons of Anarchy’s Benito Martinez, and the team have also brought in writers and directors such as Justified’s Wendy Calhoun and Bill Johnson from The West Wing to help deliver a truly cinematic experience.

Visceral also wants to give players more choice, and one of the gadgets that helps to do this is the scanner which, as seen in the recent single-player footage, can be used to tag enemies and objects, locate high value targets, then plan your route through the environment. Non-lethal takedowns also allow players to choose how they progress through an area, alongside the regular ‘melee from behind’ approach that many will be familiar with. While controlling Nick, players will be able to pull out their detective badge in order to make some enemies freeze, giving you the opportunity to make arrests and quietly reduce the number of enemies in the area.

Battlefield Hardline is now scheduled for an early 2015 release on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
Lexley Ford
Written by Lexley Ford
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