Achievement Preview Spotlight: Flockers

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Back when I was a young lad, I was in possession of an Amiga 600 and there were two games in particular that I played on that machine for endless hours at a time. Both of these games were darkly twisted and fun titles featuring the mass destruction of certain small creatures. The first was Lemmings, a puzzle title with a genocidal/suicidal twist as you guided the titular creatures through trap-laden levels by assigning them certain roles. The second was Worms, in which you played as warmongering teams of slimy invertebrates, hell-bent on destroying each other with a vast array of weaponry in extremely destructible environments. Since those joyous days back in the '90s, both popular titles have spawned sequels, ports and spin-offs. However, in recent years, Worms has been arguably more successful, whilst Lemmings has slowly faded away.

Now, the developers of one franchise have effectively resurrected the other (in spirit anyway), as Team 17 of the Worms games has taken the core mechanics of Lemmings and created a new IP out of it. In Flockers, players lead flocks of sheep to safety through the factory that the Worms from Worms use to create the Super Sheep from their games.

12/09/14 - Logo

Now you know what to expect from the title, let's take a closer look at the achievements from the game and see if they'll have you pulling your wool out or bleating for more when it releases this Friday. There are just 20 achievements in Flockers for a total of 1000G and none of them are hidden behind the "Secret" barrier. Apart from the standard achievements for completing the puzzles, there are a selection for performing certain actions. It's hard to say just how difficult the game will be to complete as it's highly dependent on how difficult the puzzles are and how steep the learning curve is. Regardless, you'll probably be able to pick up a decent score even if completion eludes you as most achievements come with a hefty 50G or 100G.

As well as assigning roles to sheep to help them overcome obstacles, it seems you can also customise them by dressing them up in costumes, seemingly just for the lols. There are a selection of achievements available for customising your flock and completing certain actions while they're dressed up in certain costumes.

Bespoke Winner in Flockers
Complete any level with a customised sheep.

Caught In A Mosh in Flockers
Get 20 punk sheep moshing together.

Fashion Warrior in Flockers
Try out 10 different styles of sheep (blood included).

There are two achievements related to the game's unique collectible, the Golden Fleece, which appears in every level. Strangely enough, there's an achievement for collecting 20 and another for collecting 30, which represents the half-way point (it's even called "Halfway To Perfection"), but there isn't one for collecting all of them.

Good As Gold in Flockers
Good As Gold194 (50)
Collect 20 golden fleeces.

Halfway To Perfection in Flockers
Collect 30 golden fleeces.

As well as collectibles, the game seems to contain a selection of bonus levels. Although the achievement description for finding and completing them all doesn't say how many there are, the image for it says "x6", so let's assume there are six in total.

Found It in Flockers
Found It37 (25)
Unlock a secret level.

Keep A Secret in Flockers
Keep A Secret414 (100)
Find and unlock all the secret bonus levels.

Taking its cue from the Angry Bird series, Flockers also includes a 3-star rating system for completing levels in a timely manner with minimal sheep genocide. There are three achievements linked with three-starring levels, two 50G ones for completing all levels in a theme and completing two boss fights with three stars, and a 100G one for completing absolutely everything with three stars. That last one is probably the biggie of the whole game so I wouldn't be surprised if it gets a tasty ratio and TA score attached to it. Those who achieve it really will be the "Cream of the Flock"

Cream Of The Flock in Flockers
Three star everything.

Finally, a number of achievements are cumulative and involve counting sheep; there's counting sheep that have had a soft landing, counting zombie sheep, counting exploded sheep and...counting...*yawn*...sheeeeeppppp...sleep

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Written by Chewie
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