Sunset Overdrive Customizes Different Weapons

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
In the latest episode of Sunset TV, the energetic, humorous and unpredictable Brandon Winfrey is missing in action! Suspected to be lost in a supermarket or rescuing kittens, an unknown source has reportedly last seen Brandon dripping in sweat and becoming one with his couch in nothing but Y-fronts and an Xbox Original tank top, in an effort to try and nail the 24 hour achievement in Zuma ... in one attempt! Stephanie Bear is our temporary host this week who tries to fill in the entertaining and charismatic shoes of Brandon's, as she gives us the latest details on the upcoming Sunset Overdrive.

The video showcases clips of gameplay as community questions are answered as per usual in the episode. Details are revealed regarding the different customization possibilities for the variety of weapons in the game, as well as some small but important info on what to do after jumping high up into the sky:

Sunset Overdrive remains scheduled for an Xbox One release on October 28th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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