ME: 2 The Lair Of The Shadow Broker Trailer

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
You have to hand it to BioWare and EA, they know how to create interest in their products. Despite the incredible popularity and success of Mass Effect 2, arguably support for DLC waned as the Cerberus Network was woefully underused and countless new weapon DLC packs were released for the game.

The forthcoming DLC entitled, The Lair of the Shadow Broker adds new missions and story to Mass Effect 2 as covered in Saint Devourer's original article.

There is now a trailer available to promote the DLC and a solid release date. September 7th is the date (for Xbox LIVE and PC), and here's the trailer to give you a glimpse of what you 800MSP will bag you.

Note: Pricing details now announced to be 800MSP