Medal of Honor Gunfighters Gameplay

By DavieMarshall,
There's new gameplay footage in from EA from their upcoming FPS, Medal of Honor. No prizes for guessing which kind of airborne vehicle features in the video.

EA are keen to give it to gamers straight according to their statement which accompanies the footage:

Here at EA, we want to make sure our fans know that we're listening. That's why we we've created The MOH Experience, a series of uncut, unedited single player and multiplayer videos we've put together to show our audience what they can expect when Medal of Honor launches.
It looks good to me though I'm not still not entirely sure I'll want to play both this and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Take a look at the embedded video and see what you think.

Medal of Honor launches October 12th (US), October 15th (EU) with Australia expected to share Europe's release date.

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