Saw II: Flesh and Blood

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
When I wrote an earlier article regarding Saw II: Flesh and Blood, it was fairly well received. The general consensus that was most gamers would be willing to give Saw a second outing to see how it played. Well, how does a walk-through by a Konami employee sound? It's not quite a demo, but it should give an indication of how pesky the puzzles might be this time around.

The walk-through is conducted by Brandon Cox, a PR chap from Konami. He's our gory adventure guide offering us a chance to see how the title stacks up, and to communicate the fatal consequences of failing to rise to the challenges Jigsaw presents unto you.

Choose your video quality and take a peek at the video which clocks in at around five minutes.

In case you'd forgotten the spooky release date for this horror title, it's set to coincide with Halloween October 19th.

EDIT: - I've changed the video source folks. No idea why the first crashed, but I've been out all day and not able to fix it. Regardless, this should work for all now.
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