Fenix Rage Mini-Games Trailer

By Chewie, 4 years ago
In a new trailer from Green Lava Studios for their upcoming hard-as-nails platformer, Fenix Furia, we take a look at some of the alternatives available in the game to raging through the standard levels. The title will include nine mini arcade-style games, utilising assets from the core game but with unique gameplay twists.

The different mini-games include:

Horizon: Chasing his main enemy across the horizon sky, Fenix must collect the cookies Oktarus throws out while avoiding nasty green blobs of evil.
Cave: In this maze-like game, Fenix must grab cookies that teleport in various areas, while avoiding blocky green blobs of malice.
Moor-T: Keep Fenix ablaze to break ice blocks containing cookies, while avoiding nasty one-touch death blocks.
Birdball: In this soccer-inspired juggling game, gamers must keep the soccer ball up in the air through Fenix’s dashing attack while avoiding lines of moving green blobs.
Hunter: Collect as many cookies trapped behind ice barriers, while evading the alligator-like Hunter that increases its speed the longer you play.
Firebox: Evade vertical floating green cubes of vile while breaking through ice blockades to grab a teleporting cookie that shifts faster and faster.
Room: Navigate through patterned floating green blocky blobs, and grab the teleporting cookie in this small room. Oh, and you’re upside down.
Cookie Nest: Keep Fenix constantly afloat - dash and juggle into ice blocks three times, and collect ice-frozen cookies inside. Avoid those nasty ink blobs.
Bird Game: Control one of the helpful birds, and find other birds throughout the level while avoiding yucky black evil blobs that constantly chase you.
Fenix Rage is coming to Xbox One early in 2015.
Written by Chewie
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