Alien: Isolation Survivor Mode Detailed

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Developer Creative Assembly has unveiled new details about the Survivor Mode that will be coming to their soon-to-be-released survival horror title, Alien: Isolation. First demoed at this year's E3, the mode features individual scenarios where the player must fulfil an objective as quickly as possible whilst dealing with the ever present danger of the titular Xenomorph (or other enemies and traps). Completing the challenge will give the player a score that they can compare with friends on leaderboards.

Al Hope, Creative Lead on the game, had the following to say about the mode:

This is the game in its purest form; it’s you against the creature and it’s against the clock. It was just fantastic watching players leave the demo with a strange mix of joy, terror and relief at simply surviving, before jumping back in and try to tackle it in a different way to beat their time!
A new video details the origins of the mode - members of the development team challenging each other - and what it entails:

When the game launches it will include one playable Survivor Mode map, "Basement". Starting a few weeks later, more Survivor Mode packs will start to become available over the course of the following months. There will be a total of five packs, each containing a new playable character, fighting for survival in new maps and game modes. A "Season Pass" will also be available to get all five Survivor Mode packs for up to 25% discount.

As well as this news, another trailer for the game has been released showing a player making a very bad decsion:

Alien: Isolation will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on October 7th. Will you be able to survive?
Written by Chewie
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