Disney Infinity 2.0 to Launch Separate Toy Box

By Rebecca Smith,
When Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition was announced back in May, Avalanche Software and Disney Interactive Studios confirmed that Disney Infinity owners would be able to use their original Disney Infinity Base to play the latest title. So far, there is just one problem with that. To date, all of the versions of the game that have been announced have included a Disney Infinity Base to go alongside the new figures, power discs and, of course, the game itself. Now that the game has been released in most regions and is nearing release in North America, Disney has finally seen fit to announce the solution for those of us that don't want to purchase a Base that we already own.

In November, Disney will be releasing a digital version of Toy Box 2.0 for Xbox 360 owners. Players will be able to use their existing Base, figures and power discs with this game, as well as having the option to be able to add any figures or power discs from the 2.0 Edition of the title. The download is aimed at players who spend the majority of their time messing around in the Toy Box and who don't necessarily want to purchase another Starter Pack.

The download will be available on November 4th at a suggested price of $29.99. On the same day, all of the 2.0 Edition Play Sets will become available for separate purchase and the Disney Originals series of figures will be launched at retailers, giving players the largest selection of choice for their game. If you live in North America, you will be able to make use of a special offer where you will receive both Disney Toy Box Power Discs (Stitch’s Tropical Rescue and Brave Forest Siege) for FREE upon purchasing the digital Toy Box 2.0. As usual, this offer is only available for a limited amount of time and is subject to availability. Disney will be announcing more details about this offer as we get closer to the release date.

For those players who are purchasing or who have purchased the Starter Pack anyway, you can take a look at yet another character to receive a preview video showcasing his skills. Watch as the intergalactic destroyer Drax takes to the streets.

Perform the perfect uppercut flurry in either Toy Box 2.0 or the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set today if you live in Europe or Australia. Alternatively, the game is released on September 23rd in North America.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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