Battlefield Hardline Gets Hotwired

By Michelle Balsan, 4 years ago
On the heels of Gamescom, Visceral released a couple of screens from one of the game modes in their upcoming Battlefield Hardline called "Hotwire". In Hotwire, criminals have to race cops to find marked vehicles. The action promises to be frenetic, and not only are we now getting a better look at it, but Visceral has also released several more details.

Hotwire Screen 1

When you successfully capture the marked car, your goal is to drive it as fast as you can so you can "bleed the enemy team's tickets." Driving fast fills the capture bar too, which will help you gain points. In addition to that, doing jumps with your car will also help build up your score.

Hotwire Screen 3

Hotwire Screen 2

You can also employ some strategy as you play through Hotwire. By enlisting a friend, you can have them throw charges at enemy drivers behind you. You can also sabotage cars, including the marked car, to ensure your foes don't drive away with the prize. Keep in mind that you don't have to stick to your car, so you may actually find it better to go on foot and ambush other drivers or control weapons resources, such as RPGs. Friends can also drive alongside, assisting with splitting up enemy resources so all the fire isn't solely on your tail.

Hotwire Screen 5

Hotwire Screen 4

If you've ever played Battlefield: Bad Company 2, then you're aware of the tracking dart. The tracking dart allowed you or one of your teammates to tag an enemy so that the entire team would know what they were up to. This feature has returned in Hardline, and utilizing it will not only help increase the accuracy of weapons like rocket launchers, but will also let your team easily see where enemies are headed, allowing strategies, such as funneling the bad guys to a player-created roadblock, to be pulled off with some communication.

Battlefield Hardline was originally scheduled for release next month, but has since been delayed to Early 2015.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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