Controller Button Icons For Solutions, and More

By Rich Stone, 4 years ago
Hello Good People of TrueAchievements!

Many moons ago, it was suggested that it might be good to have controller icons available to put into solutions and walkthroughs (although walkthroughs weren't even possible on TA back then).

A mere 5 and a half years later, we are delighted to finally be putting them live!

There's now a controller icon in your toolbar when posting in the forums, writing solutions etc. Clicking on that icon will show a dropdown list of controllers icons. We've tried to be smart about it too - if you are adding a solution for a 360 game you'll get the 360 icons, if it's an Xbox One game you'll see the next gen ones.

Controller icon menuController icon menu

They work in the same way the smiley buttons do, so you'll see a code appear in the edit window that will be switched out for the image when it's been published.

Controller icons rendered in solutionController icons rendered in solution

A big thank you to kegonomics and WebChimp UK for their graphical input on the icons.

Achievement Descriptions

As you'll probably be aware, achievements can have different locked and unlocked descriptions. Back in the bad old days, we could only access locked descriptions, but for some time now we've had the unlocked descriptions as well, and we've been showing them everywhere.

We've now updated the code so that if you have unlocked the achievement, you'll see the unlocked description, otherwise you'll see the locked one (this is how if works on your Xbox too). However, we've also added a setting into My Settings in the Achievements Section - Always show unlocked achievement descriptions - set this to true to show them whether you've unlocked them or not.

Best Games by Ratio

As well as being able to show on your homepage your best achievements by TA Ratio, you can now also show your Best Games by ratio.

Best Games by RatioBest Games by Ratio

Again, there's a setting to do this in My Settings. If you choose to display either games or achievements by ratio then you'll see the ratio rather than the total TA score for those items in the list.

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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