Nova-111 Coming to Xbox One

By Jonathan Barnes, 4 years ago
It seems that a day doesn't go by without another ID@Xbox game being announced for the Xbox One. Today's reveal is slightly different from other offerings, however. Funktronic Labs and Curve Digital have made the declaration that their real-time meets turn-based strategy game, Nova-111 will have a simultaneous console release in addition to the previously announced PC/Mac/Linux editions.

Nova-111 is billed as a "sci-fi themed adventure game that cleverly combines turn-based gameplay with real-time action, forcing players to utilise both real time decisions and turn based strategy to fight enemies and solve puzzles." While details on exactly how these mechanics work together haven't been announced, the game has already had playable demos at festivals like PAX and Indiecade. Rather than guess at how these elements work without hands-on knowledge, we're going to turn the story over to some of the assets that have also been released, starting with the games announcement trailer.

Paired with this trailer we have a handful of screenshots showing stills of the game action.

Reveal 6

Reveal 5

Reveal 4

Reveal 3

Reveal 2

Reveal 1

Nova-111 is currently set for a digital release on the Xbox One in "early 2015".

We've got the full list of Nova-111 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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