Duke Nukem Forever is REAL!

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
Loyal fans of the good ol' first person shooter Duke Nukem 3D have been anticipating Duke Nukem Forever since it was publicly announced back in 1997. Back in 2001, 3D Realms stated that the game would be released "when it's done". 8 years later, the development team behind it was disbanded and closed due to financial reasons. Take-Two Interactive, the publishers of the long fabled game, filed a lawsuit on 3D Realms for not completing the game. The results of that lawsuit?

Duke Nukem Forever is now being worked on and finished by Gearbox Software, developers of Borderlands. And it's coming in 2011, or at least so says Gearbox president Randy Pitchford.

But a promise doesn't mean a thing to those who have been waiting 13 years on Duke Nukem Forever's release. And normally, I'd chalk this up as a rumor. But it's playable at PAX 2010. I'd say that's a pretty good indication of things to come.

I'll update with more details once they surface on the long awaited sequel. Maybe soon we'll know exactly what month we'll be able to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Oh, wait, I'm all of out of gum.