Content Team - New Applications Required

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Hi all

I have an important announcement to pass on from our Content Manager - he's looking for some fresh recruits!

So without further ado, I will hand you over to the man himself....

Van Uden said:
Hello everyone,

It has been almost a year since the Content Team started, we've seen people comming and going and now it's time to add some fresh meat to the team. That's right, we’re having a new application round for the position of a site Content Editor.

Now, what does being a Content Editor mean? There are three specializations within the Content Team and you will pick from one of the following: Walkthroughs, Solution/review management, or Game info. No matter which specialization you choose you can still help out the other specializations and in some cases, flagging for example, you are expected to do so.

Please note that the work can be considered tedious. If you're not up for that, don't bother applying smile


First of all you will have the ability to write walkthroughs yourself. All guidelines for writing walkthroughs will still apply. This still means that your walkthrough will be owned by TA, you can not copy from other sources, and it will be proofread and edited by another Content Team member before it gets published. More info about walkthroughs can be found here: About: Walkthroughs If you pick walkthroughs as your specialization you will be in charge of proofreading walkthroughs that are deemed complete by the creator (for a list of walkthroughs in progress and published ones look here: Walkthroughs). Proofreading walkthroughs include check for spelling, grammar, copyright infringements and basic layout of the walkthroughs. The person in charge of the walkthroughs team is Tasty Pastry

Solution/review management:

Remember that shiney button on all solutions and reviews to report them? If you pick solution/review management you will be helping out in handling the reports that are made using said button as well as archiving them. You can find the solution guidelines here: Solution Guidelines The man in charge of solution/review management is

Game info

If game info is your specialization, you will be in charge of game information (no surprises there I guess) which includes: setting the game name on the site, adding genre, developer/publisher data, official links, marketplace links, XBLA or not, etc. You will also be adding DLC info such as name, price, marketplace link and achievements associated with it. On top of that you will be flagging achievements. Flag information can be found here:

Your application

So, what do we expect from you? A healthy dosage of enthusiasm and strong work commitment. Your application can be sent, by PM, to Van Uden and needs to contain the following information:

Approximate amount of time you can spend on the "job" per week
The area you want to specialize in
Why do you want to be on the team and why should we pick you?

Your application needs to be sent by September 26th. After the application period has ended, we will take about a week to look over the applicants and then decide who will make the team.

Good luck to those applying!
I would like to also wish good luck to those applying, these roles are really important to the site so get those applications in soon!

Thanks all!

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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