World of Tanks Royal Artillery and Operations DLC

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
In game developer's vehicle shooter, World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, the addition of free new content and title updates is very much welcome as the team behind the title aim to keep the game running smoothly for a long time to come. The latest addition of new content sees some fine pieces of work rolling fresh out of the United Kingdom as the 'British Royal Artillery' make their way into the game.

World of Tanks Art

In total 9 new British SPGs have been introduced into the game, including the iconic Crusader, ConquerorGC, Bishop and Sexton II. Also being introduced to the game is a new stable of German medium tanks, including the Leopard PTA, Leopard 1, and the VVK 30.02 D, as well as two new maps—Redshire and Siegfried Line.
Also included in the free update are new 'Operations' in which players can look to complete new and unique in-game objectives and reap the rewards of "experience bonuses, silver and consumables". Of course, some of the operations will not be for the faint of heart as the tougher ones will put tank drivers to the test as they try to complete operations within the middle of a hectic battle.

Accompanying the brief details on the free 'Royal Artillery and Operations' update, new screens and a trailer have also been released showcasing the pretty mechanical action to come with the new update:

World of Tanks Royal Artillery and Operations Screens 01

World of Tanks Royal Artillery and Operations Screens 2

World of Tanks Royal Artillery and Operations Screens 3

World of Tanks Royal Artillery and Operations Screens 4

World of Tanks Royal Artillery and Operations Screens 5

The fun doesn't stop with the new and free DLC update as more details reveal that the title update will add new tanks, new maps, new achievements, and makes a few fixes and changes across various factors of the title. Check out the lengthy patch notes:

New Features
• Operations System: Earn awards based on activities
• Tank upgrade menu multi-layer reel system
• Lifetime Ribbons Collection under Stats •Will not track ribbons earned prior to update

• Changed the Functionality of "The 122 and U" achievement to no longer require ownership of the T-150
• Added secondary callout menu to the radial command wheel (default: RT) with the following callouts: •"Great Shot!"
• "Good Game!"
• "On My Way!"
• "In Position!"
• "Awesome!"
• "Sorry!"

New Maps
• Redshire
• Siegfried Line
• Erlenberg (Encounter)

New Tanks

French Premium Tanks (available in the Store beginning Sept. 26)
• Heavy Tank: FCM 50t
• Tank Destroyer: FCM 36Pak40

Tank Unlocks:

• Artillery •Loyd GC
• Sexton II
• Birch Gun
• Bishop
• FV304
• Crusader SP
• FV207
• FV3805
• Conqueror GC

• Tank Destroyers • Churchill Gun Carrier

• Medium Tanks (Second tree)
• VK 20.01 D
• VK 30.01 D
• VK 30.02 D
• Indien-Pz.
• Leopard PT A
• Leopard 1

New Achievements
• Absolute: Research a tier X tank)
• Tactical Espionage: Spot at least 9 members of the opposing team in a single match and win
• Now You See Me...: Apply Camouflage to your tank
• This is World of Tanks: Be the last tank to be destroyed on your team
• Ranger: Destroy all enemy light tanks during a match, must be 3 or more
• The Sherminator: Own the M4, M4A3E2, and M4A3E8 Sherman tanks simultaneously
• 'Tis Just a Scratch: Win and survive a match with 3 or more damaged components
• Stand By Me: Survive and win a battle along with one or more Platoon mates.)

• Fixed a graphical issue in which placeholder information is visible in the tank stats panel
• Button legend now updates when highlighting an already owned equipment/consumable
• Corrected some rate-of-fire rounding issues in the tank details screen
• Backing out of the Options menu while in the tank grid now displays the correct information in the tank stats panel
• "Return to Garage" dialog box now warns the player of the penalty for leaving early if they are alive
• "Sell tank" dialog now has a separator for values in the thousands
• Description for Clutch Breaking skill corrected
• Updated Crew help screen
• Fixed map image failing to load in loading screens
• Fixed soft lock when purchasing a tank while ready in a Platoon
• Resolved issues caused by returning to grid view after viewing tank details
• Added error message/notification that your Platoon leader is already in battle queue
• Corrected Platoon status text after returning from battle
• Fixed an issue with Premium days displaying incorrectly in certain time zones
• Removed the brief display of tank details when tabbing to the Tanks tab

Map Changes
• Mountain Pass Encounter spawn points have now been changed. Team 1: A4 and corner of B2; Team 2: H8 and J8
• Mountain Pass Standard spawn points adjusted slightly for both bases
• Fisherman's Bay Encounter spawn points have been moved: J4 and K4 for team 2
• Fisherman's Bay Standard team 1 base moved to A6
• Lakeville Encounter spawn points have been moved slightly
• Prohorovka Encounter has its base radius set to the standard 50 meters and moved slightly north
• Erlenberg Assault base has been moved to A4/5 and the attackers have been moved to K9 and J0
• Malinovka Encounter base has been moved to H3
• Malinovka Assault defending team has been moved to B8
• Malinovka Standard spawn points have been moved slightly
• El Halluf Encounter Team 2 spawn points moved slightly
• Province - Rocks added to H3 to block line of sight
• Removed invisible wall from Mines at coordinate E8
• Maps out of rotation (will be rebalanced and updated and re-introduced in the map rotation): •Arctic Region
• Sand River
• Westfield
• Widepark

• Audio mix adjustments
• Fixed the audio cues for purchasing 75% and 100% crew

• All languages: Fixed truncation for tank names while in the Stats tab
• Russian, Korean: Fixed truncation for "upgrade to Gold" message in the pause menu
• German: Corrected translation of some German inscriptions
Title update 1.5 has already gone live and those who may not have fired up World of Tanks over the past few days will be prompted to download the update the next time they do so.
Credit for this story goes to Cheese Touch
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