Pathologic Coming to Xbox One

By Michelle Balsan, 4 years ago
Everyone, please welcome the latest in a series of successfully Kickstarted projects coming to home consoles: Pathologic.

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Pathologic is a first person survival-horror where gamers will take on the role of one of three characters: The Bachelor, The Changeling, or The Haruspex. Each one comes with different approaches to their craft; The Bachelor being the learned doctor, The Changeling believing she can heal wounds with her hands, and the Haruspex, who is fond of "experimental surgery". Just what is it that they're hoping to heal? The Sand Plague that has gripped the town in which the game occurs.

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According to game developers, Ice-Pick Lodge, the town is actually the game's main protagonist, as its reactions to your decisions will shape the way the game plays out. The town will be fully consumed by the Sand Plague within twelve days, and it is up to you to use the skills of your doctor, as well as the limited resources available to you, to ensure the town's survival.



Survival, however, doesn't come in the form of blasting away your enemies and wantonly administering health packs after everything that nicks you. Much of the game's intrigue comes from the impact your decisions have. You may only have one bullet available to you. Do you use it to end the suffering of someone lost to the virus, or do you use it to protect yourself from the marauders who come at night? Faced with a small pool of health-giving items, do you pass it off to someone in need, or horde them for yourself?

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Every decision will have an impact not only on the individuals, but on the town itself. Not helping certain people may cause the plague to spread to specific districts, thus causing those districts to close. The price of goods will also be affected, as will their availability. Time is also a major factor, as one in-game day is two actual hours, meaning you have 24-hours of actual time to try to save as much of the town as you can. Keep in mind, however, that you won't be able to save everyone.

With its goal already met, Pathologic has five days remaining in its Kickstarter and is attempting to hit stretch goals that will bring a larger town space, a prequel, and other items if reached. As it stands, Pathologic has no set launch window, but with Kickstarter rewards set to be distributed in November 2016, don't expect the title to arrive in the short-term.
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Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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