Joy Ride Trailer

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Another Kinect launch title, another trailer. Originally promised to all Xbox LIVE participants as a free gift last year, Joy Ride never did make it to the party. It was quietly forgotten about (eventually) and then returned in the form of a Kinect enabled launch title.

Microsoft have the following to say on the game:

Kinect™ Joy Ride combines the fun of classic karting with the controller-free gameplay of Kinect. Enjoy five different game modes as you race through three unique worlds with stunning landscapes. Navigate obstacles, drift through corners and fly off jumps to wow your opponents with mid-air acrobatics. Then earn boosts, power-ups and other items to turn up the competition and the fun. It’s racing action, Kinect style.
Check out the 'Kinect style' racing action in the trailer below