Crackdown 2 - Toy Box DLC Reissued

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
If you were one of the eager bunch to download the Toy Box DLC offering for Crackdown 2, you may have noticed that the DLC hosted a few bugs and glitches. These ranged from frozen loading screens, garbled speech and glitched achievements.

All of these issues along with any other weirdness you may have witnessed whilst playing the DLC were attributed to 'problems mastering the DLC package'. Speaking via a post at the official Ruffian Games forum/website a solution has been successfully reached and is available now.

The solution doesn't come in the form of a downloadable update or patch however. The DLC has been repackaged and reuploaded to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. This means that anyone downloading the DLC 'afresh' will have no issues. Anyone who has downloaded the DLC previously will need delete the DLC content from their storage device and then redownload it from the Marketplace.
Credit for this story goes to KarlHarker