Achievement Preview Spotlight: Alien: Isolation

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Most games that have been released from the Alien franchise, especially in recent years, have followed the Aliens mould of action over suspense as you more often than not step into the shoes of a well-armed marine, mowing down hordes of aliens with a smartgun. Alien: Isolation, from Creative Assembly, aims to take the series back to its roots by employing the successful first-person hide-and-seek gameplay of popular titles such as the Amnesia series and Outlast. As Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen, players must work their way through a space-station whilst stalked by a single xenomorph, with limited supplies and weapons, in the ultimate game of cat and mouse. But does this effort to revitalise the series extend to the game's achievement list?

04/10/14 - APS

Both the 360 and the One version of the game feature the same fifty achievements for a total of 1000G. Six of these achievements are hidden within the game's chest cavity, waiting until they're unlocked to burst forth. As can be expected, a good proportion of the achievements are for story progression, with an achievement for completing each of the game's almost twenty levels, as well as the standard ones for completing the game. The game also challenges you to complete it on the hardest difficulty setting, with a tasty 100G achievement as your reward, the appropriately named:

Survivor in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Survivor293 (100)
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting

Encouraging exploration and daring you to step out from the shadows, the game includes multiple different types of collectibles. Because, when you're being stalked by the universe's most deadly predator, you know you want to be scrambling around searching for collectibles, right? The first are the "ID tags" of the unfortunate "missing" people you may come across. Now, I don't think that's "missing" as in "avoiding me because of the bad joke I told earlier". I think it's "missing" as in "formerly whole, now in chunks". There are two achievements relating to collecting the tags, one for getting your first and another for getting all fifty of them.

The Missing in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Collect an ID tag

The Taken in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
The Taken139 (40)
Collect all ID tags

The other type of collectible is the "archive log", which is a log left behind for you to read when you should really be hiding. Like with "ID tags", you get an achievement for your first and another for collecting 100 (out of a total of 151) of these bad boys. That's a lot of reading.

A Record of Disaster in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Collect an archive log

Voices of Sevastopol in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Collect 100 archive logs

As well as these standard collectibles, the game also includes a bonus collectible in the form of Nostromo logs. For the franchise lovers amongst you, you'll know that the Nostromo was the ship in the original film that first exposed Ellen Ripley and us to the dangers of responding to unusual distress signals. With the film's original cast already shown to be returning in some form, I'll be betting it's with these audio logs. I'm presuming Amanda's got headphones. Otherwise, listening to them could prove hazardous. For finding ten of these snippets of gleeful nostalgia, you'll be rewarded with the following:

Archivist in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Archivist134 (40)
Collect 10 Nostromo logs in the main campaign

The xenomorph isn't the only thing you'll need to contend with as creepy androids and angry humans will also hinder your adventure. Although, in true Survival Horror style, your supplies will be limited, you'll have a few options to defend yourself with and you'll get achievements for trying out each one of these at least once, including a shotgun, revolver and bolt gun. Thankfully for us, achievements for only using them once demonstrates a commitment to elevating suspense by drip-feeding weapons and ammunition. Not thankfully for Amanda, it shows that she'll be relying on her wits to survive more than blasting away. Having said that, killing isn't completely off the menu:

Fault Detected in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Kill an Android

Self Defense in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Kill 10 humans

Having said that, you'll be looking at another playthrough with killing completely off the menu, if you want:

Mercy or Prudence? in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Complete the game without killing any humans

One of the key mechanics of the game, apart from hiding and snivelling, is crafting. Using crafting tables, Amanda can construct a variety of items using some of the junk she comes across. As with many of the other achievements mentioned so far, this action comes with two related achievements, one for popping your crafting cherry and one for crafting at least one of every item:

Build to Survive in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Construct an item

A True Engineer in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
Construct one of each craftable item

Finally, probably the biggie of the whole game is the following, for completing it without dying once. Whether the game is generous with its saving or checkpoints is unknown, but this has the potential to be pretty challenging:

One Shot in Alien: Isolation (Xbox 360)
One Shot383 (100)
Complete the game without dying

For an extra dose of difficulty, I challenge you to go for it whilst also on the hardest difficulty. Then I will admire your purity as the perfect organism, unclouded by conscience, remorse or delusions of morality. I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.

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