GTAV: Online's Last Team Standing Update Available

By Dread Reaver, 4 years ago
Rockstar have unleashed the "Last Team Standing" update to their online portion of Grand Theft Auto V, bringing with it new weaponry, tactical gear, snazzy vehicles and extra Creator mode features. In addition, players should now be able to enjoy enhanced matchmaking and tweaks to the gameplay itself.

Last Team Standing

With this update, Rockstar has granted access to ten new Last Team Standing Jobs, which has teams of players duking it out, but with no second chances. The new jobs are detailed below:

Alta (Rank 16, 2-8 Players)
Less violent than the average apartment building residents' committee meeting, this cramped LTS pits two wings of a building against each other. Try to stay on the rooftops, and look for long-ranged attacks across the courtyard and close-quarters clashes on the footbridge.

Del Perro Freeway (Rank 23, 2-16 Players)
Draw a line in the sand with this Del Perro Beach LTS. Teams start at either end of the beachfront houses. They can go at each other directly or take the pedestrian bridges across the WH to pick up weapons. Dr. Friedlander isn't running his conflict resolution seminar this week.

Grand Banks (Rank 9, 3-12 Players)
As good a place as any to make a stand, three groups take the third way at the Grand Banks Steel foundry. Fight on the rooftops, in the tunnels, and along the gangways to be the only team that doesn't get to fulfil their death wish.

Hawick (Rank 16, 2-16 Players)
Two teams snipe each other from rooftops or get down and dirty in the alleys with shotguns until there's only one of them left. Hawick hasn't seen this many unfortunate accidents since speedballs were cool in the 80s.

Mount Josiah (Rank 29, 2-16 players)
When the dust settles, and the rivers stop running with blood, who'll be left on top of the second highest mountain in Southern San Andreas? Two teams fight to be king of the hill on the open, almost coverless slopes of Mount Josiah.

N.O.O.S.E. (Rank 9, 2-8 Players)
Something's happening behind the mysterious chain link fences, and non-descript 'government facility' signs off the Palomino Freeway. Two teams have taken time off from spying on personal communications to fight for supremacy on the rooftops, walkways, and parking lots of the N.O.O.S.E. facility. Look up for the best weapons.

Paleto Bay - Tanks (Rank 29, 2-16 Players)
Some places get all the luck. Two teams face off with tanks and explosives and don't mind if they turn the whole town to rubble. Who'll be left standing in what's left of Paleto Bay?

Skyscraper (Rank 36, 2-16 Players)
There's no escape from Los Santos. One team tries to hold out at the top of a skyscraper construction site armed only with sniper rifles and heavy weapons. The other team launches a four pronged assault in Buzzard attack helicopters.

Storm Drain (Rank 23, 2-16 Players)
Gang warfare's gotten really out of hand as two teams come at each other with tanks, motorbikes, and explosives in the concrete channel of the LS River. Try to stay in the storm drain, and don't worry about flash flooding, there's a drought in San Andreas after all.

Tataviam Truckstop (Rank 16, 2-8 Players)
Lonely truckers and enterprising hitchhikers are in for a scare as this pit stop on the Palomino sees its share of the action. Small scale LTS that'll make good use of the Heavy Shotgun.
GTA: Online now offers access to two brand new powerful firearms, suitable for use at varying ranges: these are the Heavy Shotgun and the Marksman Rifle. Players can wield these alongside new outfits for your team, including new masks, shirts, pants, and helmets. Two new vehicles are on offer also - the Shitzu Hakuchou sport bike, LCC Innovation chopper, and the Lampadati Furore GT.

Last Team Standing

Those creative types may wish to start playing around with the Last Team Standing Creator Mode, allowing you to design your very own LTS game-modes in the massive available game-world. The updates to the Creator tool now allow players to add rounds to Captures, Last Team Standing jobs and Versus jobs. It also allows creators to set limits on the types of weapons usable in a job, by using the Forced Weapon setting (for example, making a job "Snipers-Only").

Rockstar have provided a handy PDF guide for designing your very own Last Team Standing jobs right here.

Finally, Rockstar have made some tweaks to the matchmaking; sessions can now be merged with other suitable sessions based on how players vote for job to be played. In conjunction with the previously released "On-call" system, players should now find themselves in their favorite game modes more often. In addition, players can now go on-call for jobs including arm-wrestling, darts and golf. The bet limit has also been increased from GTA$2,500 to GTA$10,000.
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