Thomas Was Alone Announced for Xbox One

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
Curve Digital have announced that they are set to bring Mike Bithell's rectangle-based 2D puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone to Xbox One later this year. Perhaps more well known for its story-telling than how it plays, the game features a score from David Housden and a BAFTA award-winning voice over performance from British writer and presenter Danny Wallace

To celebrate the announcement of the game coming to next gen consoles, a small 'documentary' has been released by Curve, showing us what has gone into the creation of the port:

Thomas Was Alone will arrive on the Xbox One in November and will cost £6.99/$9.99.

Thanks to all of the community members who sent this one in!

We've got the full list of Thomas Was Alone achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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