Adventures of Pip Kickstarted for 360 & One

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Despite failing their first Kickstarter for adventure game Adventures of Pip back in May, indie developers TicToc Games weren't too disheartened and picked themselves up for a second go at it in August. Changing their first target from $90,000 down to a more conservative $40,000, they've now managed to not only meet that goal, but surpass it by an additional $22,000. Originally confirmed only for Steam and WiiU, the boost in donations has meant the project has now met its stretch goal for bringing the game to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

07/10/14 - Screen 1

Adventures of Pip is set in the Pixel Kingdom, where higher class citizens have a higher pixel resolution than their lower class brethren. The poorest and lowliest people are only comprised of a single pixel. In this world, the Princess Adeline, who can conjure pixels out of thin air, is kidnapped by the evil skeleton queen, Lenore, who can conversely absorb pixels. In doing so, she also turns everyone in the kingdom into helpless single-pixel blocks. Enter Pip, a low born lifelong single pixel boy who aims to right what has gone wrong.

In the adventure game, Pip has the unique ability of scaling himself up by absorbing the pixels of the enemies he destroys. He can also use his pixels to destroy the environment and his enemies, though this means devolving to a lower resolution. At his lowest resolution, Pip can fit in tight spaces and leap higher than any other form. With some more pixels to his frame, he gets new abilities like wall-jumping, running and jabbing. At full resolution he is at his strongest and can bash and smash his way along with his sword, as well as move heavy objects.

Environments in the game include the Kingdom Outskirts, ravaged by the queen's evil spell and home to her mindless army of drones made from the pixels stolen from others, and the Scarab Forest, where pixel-hungry creatures lurk.

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Although Adventures of Pip doesn't have a confirmed release window, the game's Kickstarter page gives an expected delivery of backer rewards as January 2015. For more on the game, go the Kickstarter page, here.
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