Rugby 15 Gets PRO12 Licence

By Rebecca Smith,
Back in May, publisher BigBen Interactive announced that they would be releasing RUGBY 15 on behalf of developer HB Studios, the company behind Rugby World Cup 2011 and The Golf Club. Very few details were known about the game, although we did know that the studio had managed to secure the licences to the TOP 14 and PRO D2 leagues. Well, we still have relatively few details, but BigBen has now announced another licence that they have acquired for the title.

The Guinness PRO12 league brings together the four best teams from Wales, four from Ireland, two from Scotland and two from Italy. Players will be able to take on teams and players from the 2014-2015 season in the three aforementioned leagues, as well as a fourth that has not yet been announced. Take a look at the PRO12 league in action:

PRO12 1

PRO12 2

PRO12 3

PRO12 4

PRO12 5

PRO12 6

Rugby 15 will be coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One this fall/winter.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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