FFXIII Ultimate Hits International Announced

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Square Enix, the company that brought you such smash hits as All Star Pro Wrestling and Major Minor's Majestic March has announced today the release of Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International edition. The International version is the 360 release of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan.

If you recall, E3 circa 2008, it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII was only going to load up in Xbox 360 disc trays that lived in the European and North American regions. It was long rumored that Japan would eventually see a 360 FFXIII release. As often pointed out, rumors in the video game industry have a tendency to become reality (Duke Nukem Forever).

So what is in the Ultimate Hits International? Good question, fellow TA'er!

First, it should be noted that this is the first budget release from Square Enix for the 360 in Japan. How much of a budget? Well the PS3 release of FFXIII was ¥9,240. This new release for the 360 will cost gamers ¥4,980.

The Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International will include an easy mode, but we know that will go unused. Japanese gamers are masochists when it comes to role playing games.

The game will also include a book entitled "Corridor of Memory". This is a book of original stories set within the world of Final Fantasy XIII.

As Square Enix has recently stated there will be no downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIII, it is interesting to note that scenes cut from game and a post-game event entitled "Final Fantasy XIII: Episode i" are included within the Ultimate Hits edition.

Episode i is being considered a sort of an epilogue to the game and will detail events after the game's ending. Square Enix is however insisting that there is no new content being included in this recently announced edition. Once Square Enix provides some clarification, we will update you.

Ultimate Hits International will be played across three DVDs, has English and Japanese voice-acting, and will include English and Japanese subtitles.

It will be released December 16th in Japan.

Oh yes, and no where else. That's right, you are going to have import this one if you want it badly enough.