Achievement Preview Spotlight: Shadow Warrior

By Megan Walton, 4 years ago
Flying Wild Hog's reboot of Shadow Warrior is nearly upon us, yet it was back in 1997 that the original game first came out. Bodyguard Lo Wang goes on the hunt to take on and defeat his former employer, killing whatever strange creature strayed onto his path along the way. This Shadow Warrior reboot takes us back a little in time, and introduces us to Wang when he first starts working for said employer. You'll be fighting similar demonic enemies along this journey, and their story will be told to you along the way as you find "whisperers" to reveal the god's secrets. What achievements will you be getting along your journey with Wang?


There are 53 achievements in total for you to earn worth a total of 1000G, with five of them being hidden. All of the achievements need to be collected "in campaign mode", which suggests there is another mode you will able to play in the game. There are plenty of 10G and 30G achievements scattered about, a sneaky 80G thrown it, and the highest-valued achievement sitting at a tasty 150G. Wang will be using a combination of his guns, katanas, and mystical powers to kill enemies, and there are achievements relating to all of these weapons. After you have completed the story, killed every enemy, upgraded every skill, and mutilated your opponents in various ways, you should be well on your way to completing the achievement list. Consequently, there is an achievement for doing that exact thing:

Achievement Hunter in Shadow Warrior
Unlock all Achievements

During your time playing through as Wang, you are actively encouraged to kill enemies wherever and however possible. Starting as a simple grasshopper, you'll then earn your stripes as a cold blooded killer after you have killed 2500 enemies. Your gun skills will have to be high, because you'll be aiming to kill certain amounts of enemies with single shots, as well as killing a group in a certain amount of time. Presumably, this will get easier the more you upgrade your skills and weapons.

Hell On Earth in Shadow Warrior
Kill 10 enemies with one shot on normal or higher difficulty setting in campaign mode

Berserk in Shadow Warrior
Berserk58 (30)
Kill 15 enemies within 20 seconds on normal or higher difficulty setting in campaign mode

You'll be hard pressed now to find a game without any collectibles of one form or another in it. Whilst Wang has no collectibles to find as such, it looks like a number of secrets will be in the cards. There's achievements for finding five of these, as well as 25 of them and all of the secrets in the game. How difficult a feat this will be is yet to be seen, but we're sure you'll be in for a good challenge!

Mr. Jones in Shadow Warrior
Mr. Jones127 (30)
Find all the secrets in the game

The furtheryou get through Wang's adventure, the further you will be able to upgrade and improve your skills and arsenal. You'll have power upgrades, a multitude of skills, and a number of different weapon upgrades to complete during your trials, with achievements for fully upgrading all in each section. Your kills will be coming from a variety of places though, and you will be burning and electrocuting enemies to your hearts content, and you'll want to try and cut off as many limbs as possible as well.

Shredder in Shadow Warrior
Shredder12 (10)
Dismember 500 enemies in campaign mode

Once you complete the game on any difficulty, you should be well on your way to earning the rest of the achievements. The question is will you be able to complete it on heroic difficulty, and how hard will this be? There's an achievement for doing it, so the more adventurous and achievement-orientated gamer will definitely be aiming to do it.

No Ordinary Wang in Shadow Warrior
Complete the game on difficulty Heroic

Prove that you are no ordinary Wang by earning this achievement and holding your head high, unlike all the heads of the enemies you have decapitated along the way!

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Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
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