Latest Killer Instinct Patch Details

By Chewie, 4 years ago
Following on from the recent release of the "Season Two" expansion Microsoft Studios have released the details of a new patch for Xbox One fighter Killer Instinct. As well as addressing general and character specific fixes, these notes detail further known issues that are planned to be fixed in future patches.

System Changes:

• Shadow Projectiles that used to count as Enders are no longer able to cash out damage. This includes Jago’s Shadow Endokuken, Fulgore’s Shadow Energy Blast, Spinal’s Shadow Searing Skull, and Orchid’s Shadow Ich-Ni-San.
• If you use a Counter Breaker, any of your active projectiles will be destroyed. No more using lingering projectiles for safe Counter Breakers!
• Some characters could counter break from projectile specials that were not breakable. This has been fixed.
• Fixed a bug that let you tech out of throws during trip guard (your landing recovery from a jump attack).


• Fixed a bug that was causing the 2nd projectile in a double endokuken to have the same data as the first, resulting in longer than intended hitstun.


• Fixed a bug that was preventing Sabrewulf’s Heavy Hamstring linker from letting him pass into the corner.
• Fixed a bug that allowed Sabrewulf to use a Feral Cancel to exit a successful counter breaker before it hit, leading to frozen and strange animation states.
• Fixed a bug that made Leaping Slash and Hamstring openers unbreakable if used after a jump-in Opener.
• It is no longer possible to avoid breaker windows by using a Feral Cancel.


• This cool customer didn’t get any direct changes/fixes.


• Fixed a bug that caused Shadow Enders to have lower priority than regular Enders, making you miss them sometimes.
• Fixed a bug that caused Call of Sky’s lightning bolt to hit 4 frames earlier than intended. This move should be possible to dash-dodge with some characters now.


• Sadira’s juggle normals now cause less KV, giving you a bit more freedom in your juggle combo paths.
• Fixed a bug that let Sadira circumvent the new “No instinct cancels from enders” rule.
• Fixed a bug preventing Shadow VFX from firing during Shadow Wall Cling.
• Fixed a bug that let Sadira use pre-jump frames to trigger an Ender during Instinct without a double, manual, or linker before it, which could lead to blocked Enders.
• Fixed a bug preventing Sadira from using Shadow Wall Cling in a combo.


• Reduced damage on opener Ich Ni San strings. These hit like 3 heavy specials in a row unbreakable and lead to very high one-chance-break damage.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Orchid from using a counter breaker during landing after a jumping opener attack.
• Fixed a bug that let the explosion from a grenade lock up the game or hit repeatedly.
• Fixed a bug preventing Orchid from using Heavy Slide linker after an opener Slide when performed late.
• Fixed a bug that caused the grenade’s explosion hitbox to stay active much longer than intended.


• Fixed a bug that caused Divekick to knockdown instead of ground bounce in certain situations.


• Fixed a bug that prevented Fulgore from using a counter breaker during landing after a jumping opener attack.
• Fixed a bug that prevented Light linkers from blowing out the way other character’s do.
• The kara cancel window for Shadow Plasmaport was still looking for the old input motion of this move, causing you to miss this input fairly often. Fixed!
• Devastation Beam is no longer breakable as a linker to keep it in line with other Shadow projectiles.

TJ Combo:

• Fixed a bug that caused TJ to overlap other characters in an unintended way during TJ Tumble.
• Previously, TJ’s Barrage Ender would always deal damage similar to a Lv3 damage ender. It now deals additional damage at Lv4.
• Fixed a game freezing bug that could happen if TJ was hit out of certain Enders.
• Vortex used to add most of the KV, and Cyclone would add very little. It is now more evenly distributed.
• Fixed a bug that caused extra hits of Punching Bag to go off without button presses during Instinct Mode.
• Changed which attack TJ uses after a counter breaker. He now uses Medium Flying Knee.
• Fixed a bug preventing Shadow VFX from firing on some of TJ’s Shadow moves.
• Made the pushbox on Powerline Hit wider to avoid TJ situationally passing through opponents in the corner if they attack at the same time.

Known Issues:

These are known issues we are actively working on for our November update.

• General – Text truncation and overlap in some areas of the UI.
• General – Menu overlap under certain conditions in some areas of the UI.
• Store – Stated prices for Ultra Edition and Combo Breaker Pack in the in-game store pop-up messages are reversed. Actual prices are accurate in the Xbox Store and when the transaction goes through.
• Profile Card – Wrong Gamertag and Profile Card are displayed after switching profiles while viewing Concept Art.
• Survival – Players Health Bar and Shadow Meter from last win carry over to new Survival Session after a loss.
• Practice – Selecting a Theme purchased with KI Gold in Practice Mode disables the Themes Menu.
• Arcade – Player’s costume in the Arcade ladder screen is default when the player is wearing a retro costume.
• Accessories – No button/stick callout for character model rotation in character customization.
• Store – Player Card does not update KI Gold after purchasing more from the Store until the Store is left.
• Replays – Scrolling past the bottom replay shows the next appearing replay with incorrect fighters initially.
• Fight Challenges -The Fight Challenges briefly display identical information for multiple rows after quickly navigating the menu.
• Accessories – Some characters move in a circle instead of pivoting in the center when rotating them in Accessories.
• Gameplay UI – Profile icons are missing during gameplay.
• Meld – Disconnecting the controller while in any menu will cause the Community Meld blade to appear.
• Fight Challenges – Scrolling through fight challenges will not update themselves until you stop scrolling.
• Remap Controls – Player 2 cannot press menu after Player 1 selects “Remap Controls” from the Character Select screen in Local Play.
• Pause Menu – After Player 1 closes the pause menu using [Menu] in Local Play, two “Quit” options will be present on the pause menu when Player 2 opens the pause menu.
• Replays – After a player has paged up in Fight Replays the wrong replay will get set as Favorite.
This latest patch for Killer Instict is now live.
Written by Chewie
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