Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Details & Screens

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
We covered plenty of details on the upcoming "Final Stand" DLC map from DICE's first-person shooter, Battlefield 4. Within the story, the upcoming maps were revealed as well as brief details on weapons and vehicles. In a new entry from Battlefield's blog page, more details have been released, along with screens showcasing more of the maps, hardware, and gadgets.

BF4 Final Stand Screens 01

Temperatures will be at an all-time low in Operation Whiteout as soldiers fight amongst fierce blizzards with limited vision. Hammerhead will see players fighting it out in a submarine base, while Hangar 21 holds military secrets we'd love to discover as well as "hints of future battlefields within". The killing within the Giants of Karelia contains a high-tech weapons factory surrounded by rural areas to venture in.

BF4 Final Stand Screens 2

In Final Stand you’ll get your mitts on incredible hi-tech vehicles and military hardware of the near future. For instance, we have a hunch that you’ll love piloting the HT-95 Levkov, with the capability to move sideways with strafing. The mere sight of the devastating Rorsch MK-1will make sharp shooters drool, and the flying XD-1 Accipiter is another explosive Battle Pickup that will give you the upper hand on the Battlefield.
BF4 Final Stand Screens 3

Another gadget lined up will be the Target Detector for soldiers to attach to ther DMR's and Carbines. With the ability to auto-spot, the Target Detector will save players the joys of constantly spamming the 'back' button to spot enemy soldiers or vehicles. For those scared of being spotted on an opposing player's radar, the new "DS-3 DECOY" may come in handy with its feature of being able to emit false blips on enemy maps. This should prove to be amusing as you see your enemy hopefully scouting and aiming in the wrong direction as to where they think you are.

BF4 Final Stand Screens 4

Battlefield 4 Premium members will be able to download the upcoming "Final Stand" DLC at no extra cost. A price tag and a solid release date are still yet to be confirmed for both Premium and non-Premium members.
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