November Xbox One Update Detailed

By Marc Caccamise, 4 years ago
The ball keeps on rolling with the monthly updates for the Xbox One, as only days after the October update became available for members, the update coming in November has now been shown off. Included in the newest update will be the #1 fan-requested feature, customized backgrounds, a way to showcase your Achievements and Game DVR Clips, further improvements for TV viewing, and more. In the newly released video, Larry Hryb, Xbox Live's Major Nelson, along with Richard Irving from the Xbox Engineering Team, break down what is in store in the next update.

For those of you who prefer reading, rather than watching, here is what's heading the One's way in November:

Custom Backgrounds:
The #1 fan-requested feature will finally hit with the newest update. Each individual account on your Xbox One console can have its own unique background, whether you choose to have it be a certain color, or even your pick of any Achievement art so long as you have unlocked that Achievement. Further options will come later on, when upgrades to the media player will allow you to use any image that you'd like.

Gamer Profile:
You will now be able to set your Bio and Location on your profile just like on the Xbox 360. What's far better than those settings being brought back, is the institution of a new feature that can showcase your Achievements and Game DVR Clips right on your profile page. Whenever you unlock an Achievement or record a Game DVR Clip, you now have the ability to showcase up to six of them at a time that other people can view when they visit your profile page. The showcase can be clicked on and gone through manually, or it can be left alone to cycle through what you have. It looks to be a nice new thing to show off some of your best gaming accomplishments.

Tweet Your Game DVR Clips:
You will be able to link your Xbox Live account with your Twitter account in order to directly share your Game DVR Clips from the console to your Twitter feed. Clips will not automatically tweet out, so you don't have to worry about spamming your Twitter feed. Instead you'll have the option to manually share them, just like you share them for your Xbox One feed.

Live TV Trending & TV Improvements:
When you open the OneGuide, you will now see a section for what is Trending right now on Twitter, and among Xbox Live members. The section will display the 20 most watched TV shows that are available in your area, and is updated by the minute so you can stay on top of what is hot among other viewers. There will also be a list of the most popular movies that are available from Xbox Video. Tweets can now be seen in real time on the MiniGuide, as well as a hashtag pertaining to the show so that you can join in on the conversation. MiniGuide can now be accessed by Kinect by saying, "Xbox Select - MiniGuide." Your Recent and Favorite channels are also now accesible from the MiniGuide panel.

"What's On" Dashboard Section:
The What's On section on the Dashboard will contain certain videos that the Xbox Editorial team picked out that they found to be interesting and think others will find to be the same. There will also be a column from the OneGuide that contains those aforementioned popular shows that are available in your area. If you do not have OneGuide configured, then you will see a list of popular movies on Xbox Live. A third column will display the current, most popular Twitch streams.

Store Improvements:
The Store has been improved to make it easier to navigate the different pages. The navigation buttons have been moved to the far left as to be found easier. Finding add-ons, making store specific searches, and easier-to-differentiate search queries are all among the improvements to be expected.

SmartGlass Improvements:
You can now see a list of your friends that have played a certain game, browse "Free Games with Gold" and "Discounts with Gold" and initiate the download of that content. An Apps section has been added to make it easier to find and download them to your console, and a Coming Soon filter has been added to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Internet Explorer:
From the Address Bar in IE you will be able to snap from full screen to snap mode, and new identifications for Featured sites will become available.

Preview Members:
Preview members can now earn points for providing feedback and will be shared in the Preview section under My Stats. These points can then be used to unlock rewards as you level up. A new leaderboard will be implemented to show you how you stack up against your friends, or others who are in the Preview Program.

The newest update is rolling out to the Preview Program members right now, and will become available to everyone else in November.
Marc Caccamise
Written by Marc Caccamise
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